One of the most frequently asked question about our school and our 16 Hr CE program is : “Are you a  legitimate school and CE provider?

The answer is: Yes we are!!!


I’d assembled some resources together for you as follow:

1. List of CE providers from DBPR website pdf file, please look at Page 14-15

2. Current DBPR Provider (PVD300) License Directly on government website.

3.  Our School License:
School License

4. Our Fiticious Name filing with Sunbiz

5. Occupational License with the city of Avon Park, FL

6.  Tax Collector’s info

7. Copyrighted Certificate of the 16 Hr CE for cosmetology

8. Facebook Page

9. Google search

I can dig up more like light bills, telephone bills, cable bills and advertisings.  However, I hope the above references would be enough proof of us working hard to earn your business. I hope for your business.


Thank You,

Tung (Tommy) Nguyen